Ladies Wide Fit

Ladies Wide Fit Shoes

Our ladies wide-fit shoes are expertly designed and made with plenty of foot space. They offer complete comfort without comprising on style. Many of our wide fitting range are orthotic friendly.


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Ara Osaka 12-54801 H-Fit-SILVERAra Osaka 12-54801 H-Fit-SILVER
Ara Osaka 12-54801 H-Fit-REDAra Osaka 12-54801 H-Fit-RED
Ara Osaka 12-44587 H-Fit-GOLDAra Osaka 12-44587 H-Fit-GOLD
Ara Sapporo 12-27540-19 H-Fit-NEBBIA,COOL BLUE, PEBBLEAra Sapporo 12-27540-19 H-Fit-NEBBIA,COOL BLUE, PEBBLE
Ara Sapporo 12-27540-19 H-Fit-CREAM,THYME, SHELLAra Sapporo 12-27540-19 H-Fit-CREAM,THYME, SHELL
Caprice 9-24550 Velcro-BRONZECaprice 9-24550 Velcro-BRONZE
ara Sapporo 12-27542 H-Fit -CREAM SHELLara Sapporo 12-27542 H-Fit -CREAM SHELL
ara Sapporo 12-27542 H-Fit -WHITE SILVERara Sapporo 12-27542 H-Fit -WHITE SILVER
Ara 12-46523 Monaco H-Fit-WHITEAra 12-46523 Monaco H-Fit-WHITE
Ara Osaka 12-44587 H-Fit-BLUE MULTI
Ara 12-23001 Canberra Night BlueAra 12-23001 Canberra Night Blue
Ara 12-23001 Canberra-PINK
Ara 12-23001 Canberra-PINK Sale price€125,00
Bioeco 6415 H-Fit-SILVER
Bioeco 6415 H-Fit-SILVER Sale price€120,00
Save €36,00
Gabor Briano 32.718-NAVYGabor Briano 32.718-NAVY
Gabor Briano 32.718-NAVY Sale price€84,00 Regular price€120,00
Save €30,00
Ara Munchen Gore-Tex12-48530-BLACKAra Munchen Gore-Tex12-48530-BLACK
Ara Munchen Gore-Tex12-48530-BLACK Sale price€120,00 Regular price€150,00
Save €48,00
Ara Monaco Ankle Boots 12-46513 Gore-Tex-CLOUDAra Monaco Ankle Boots 12-46513 Gore-Tex-CLOUD
Ara Monaco Ankle Boots 12-46513 Gore-Tex-CLOUD Sale price€112,00 Regular price€160,00
Save €26,00
Ara Osaka Double Zip 12-34581-BLACKAra Osaka Double Zip 12-34581-BLACK
Ara Osaka Double Zip 12-34581-BLACK Sale price€104,00 Regular price€130,00
Ara Osaka 12-34587 H-Fit-REDAra Osaka 12-34587 H-Fit-RED
Ara Osaka 12-34587 H-Fit-WHITEAra Osaka 12-34587 H-Fit-WHITE
Save €33,00
Ara Twist 12-52206 H-Fit-BLACKAra Twist 12-52206 H-Fit-BLACK
Ara Twist 12-52206 H-Fit-BLACK Sale price€77,00 Regular price€110,00
Ara Sapporo 12-32440 H-Fit-THYMEAra Sapporo 12-32440 H-Fit-THYME
Ara Sapporo 12-32440 H-Fit-NAVYAra Sapporo 12-32440 H-Fit-NAVY
Ara Sapporo 12-32440 H-Fit-REDAra Sapporo 12-32440 H-Fit-RED
Ara Sapporo 12-32440 H-Fit-BLACKAra Sapporo 12-32440 H-Fit-BLACK