Hartjes Ladies Shoes

Still today, comfort and health are the focus. Together with attractive shoe design matching the style of the time, HARTJES Shoes have managed to become the largest family-owned shoe manufacturer in Austria.


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Hartjes M Fit 262.2512-BLACKHartjes M Fit 262.2512-BLACK
Hartjes 162.1608 K-Fit-NAVYHartjes 162.1608 K-Fit-NAVY
Hartjes Phil  H-Fit 162.1401-BLACKHartjes Phil  H-Fit 162.1401-BLACK
Hartjes Phil 162.1402 H Fit-SILVERHartjes Phil 162.1402 H Fit-SILVER
Hartjes 82662 G-Fit-BLACK
Hartjes Phil 162.1409 H Fit-WHITEHartjes Phil 162.1409 H Fit-WHITE
Hartjes Sole Velcro 162.1712-BLACK
Hartjes Velcro Diabetik 262.2511-BLUEHartjes Velcro Diabetik 262.2511-BLUE